Fake Meats at Wholefoods

I went on a business trip for 3 weeks in Texas. And do you know what was I the most excited about? The heat? The hotel? Nah ... Whole foods !!! For those who don't know, this is an organic grocery chain that does not exist in Quebec and has a wide variety of vegan products! Since we work a lot, I wanted easy meals. The fake meat was perfect for the occasion!

** Remember: Fake-meats help a lot in the transition to veganism. On the other hand, they are not healthy foods since they are processed and therefore have a high sodium content. In addition, they are way more expensive than legumes and tofu. Therefore, it should only be eaten in moderation!


Beyond meat : plant-based burger patties

Why do you need an animal to create meat? Why can't you build meat directly from plants? It turns out you can. This is the philosophy of the company .. and I totally approve of it (no surprise)!

IMG_20180427_185133_539 - Copie.jpg

I almost felt guilty when I bought it, because it looked so similar to ground beef patties! When you open the package, you notice that the patties are very thick and juicy. Put them in the pan, cook 3 minutes on each side and you're ready to eat!

The texture is very similar to hamburgers, but the taste is not as identical as the company says .. a little disappointed on it! Also, there are only 2 patties per package for $ 6 US, so quite expensive!





Nutritional value: 20 g of protein per pattie, 35% iron



Stays pink after cooking

Aftertaste that does not taste meat


I recommend this meal because it was very consistent (I ate only a burger for dinner) and looks more like hamburgers than any other pattie bought at the grocery store that I've tasted!

For all their products : http://beyondmeat.com/


Field Roast sausages

I'm in love with Gusta sausages .. but I must admit that these were also great, maybe even better! My non-veggie friend tasted them and was very surprised by the taste of real sausages.

IMG_20180415_205532_964 - Copie.jpg

Many ask me: what are vegan sausages made from? Those are made from wheat, juste like Gusta's. Other companies make them based on soy.



High protein content (25g per sausage)

Taste and texture very similar to meat sausages (without the pieces of fat, yummi!)

Good price / quantity ratio (each package gives me 4 meals)



High sodium content (like all processed products)


How to prepare

In a sandwich with mustard

In a wrap with mushrooms, onions and sauteed peppers

In a hot dog bun

Sauteed vegetables and crushed potatoes


I highly recommend this brand of sausage whose taste surprised me pleasantly! My favorite flavor is Italian (top image).


For all the flavors: http://fieldroast.com/product-family/sausages/


Tofurky : Smoky Maple Bacon Tempeh

I love Noble bean's tempeh '' bacon '' recipe; it makes such good BLT sandwiches mmmm! I really missed that recipe during my stay in Texas. And of course, Wholefoods saved my life again (literally).

20180403_191315 - Copie.jpg


12g of protein per serving and 10% of iron (not to be neglected for girls)



High sodium content (like all processed products) Taste very salty and not sweet enough (I prefer my recipe)


How to prepare

BLT: bacon tempeh + lettuce+ tomato + vegenaise (Hellman's vegan one is found in all groceries)

I recommend doing your own Maple Tempeh. It is much tastier, less salty, less expensive and just as fast!

For all the Tofurky's products : https://tofurky.com/