Lunch at Sushi Momo

This weekend, I was graciously invited to the famous Sushi Momo restaurant on Saint-Denis St. in Montreal. If you don’t know them yet, don’t waste any more time and go for a late lunch or dinner from 3pm Wednesday through Sunday.

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If you're anything like me, once you get the menu, you'll feel overwhelmed by all the amazing choices! The best thing to do is to simply order one of the specials. In my case, I was lunching with my friend Amélie and we got to taste the Omakasé For Two.

1st service : Miso Shiro Soups & Edamamés

We started off our meal with an excellent Kombucha drink, followed by two miso soups and some edamames. Right off the bat we noticed the quality of the ingredients: the shitake and enoki mushrooms in the soup were delicious!

Miso Shiro Soups & Edamamés

Miso Shiro Soups & Edamamés

Papaya Salad & Beet Tartar

Papaya Salad & Beet Tartar

2nd service : Papaya Salad & Beet Tartar

We were only at the second service and we were already in love with their dishes! We received a beet tartare with a basil emulsion and taro chips, then a papaya salad. The tartare was well marinated and contained pieces of mango. Very yummy!

2nd service: Papaya Salad & Beet Tartar

2nd service: Papaya Salad & Beet Tartar

From left to right : Mangue patate, Sirène, Mumbai, Popeye, 3 champions

From left to right : Mangue patate, Sirène, Mumbai, Popeye, 3 champions

3rd service : 25 pcs of sushi

Then the sushi platter arrived, if you weren’t impressed before, you’re gonna be! The presentation was vividly colorful and very appetizing. In total, we tasted 5 kinds of sushi:

Mangue patate : my two favorite ingredients coming together: sweet potato and mango. The mango coulis poured on the sushis enhanced the taste even more. In addition, the sushi was quite crispy due to the pieces of tempura inside. I loved it!

Sirène : this one tasted a lot like marinated ginger. It's fresh and acidic, we liked it!

Mumbai : It's the only one we tasted that contained an imitation of seafood. It's called mock-shrimp tempura, it's soy-based. It's fried and has a texture which resembles pollock. The different ingredients mixed very well.

Popeye : This sushi had the sweetest taste among the five. It featured a pesto-like sauce.

3 champions : the 3 champions consits of three kinds of mushrooms (enoki, oyster and portobello) inside the same sushi ( I told you that these were made of quality ingredients ;) ). This one was quite salty to the delight of Amelie!

These wonderful sushis were accompanied by ginger and wasabi. The wasabi wasn’t what you’d usually expect, it’s texture was more foamy than pasty. You could clearly taste the higher quality!

We loved the five types of sushi, they were all very unique. They each had different types of spices which gave them a lot of flavor. Each is accompanied by its own personalised sauce, we barely used any soy sauce. We also noted that the rice to garnish ratio was much to our advantage; the sushis were all very well garnished!

Creme brulee

Creme brulee

4th service : Creme brulee

Finally, the last service! I say finally, because we were full and we really couldn’t eat any more... I really didn’t think that to be possible, I'm still amazed!

The Vanilla-rhubarb crème brûlée was very tasty. The top was crispy and the interior creamy. The taste wasn’t too sweet thanks to the acidity of the rhubarb.


Great experience, the restaurant is well located, well decorated, has good service and delicious food!

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