Sour cream

What do you do when you are vegan and you want to eat nachos with sour cream? Well, you buy vegan sour cream!


I have already tried a vegan cream recipe in Seasons: La table végane. But it was very disappointing and did not taste like sour cream.

So we discovered at our grocery store (April, of course!) the vegan sour cream Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream. And this one really tastes the same as the regular one.

Personally, when I opened a pot of sour cream, it was very rare that I managed to finish it before it was expired. Indeed, I only use it for nachos and burritos! So another advantage of Tofutti is that the shelf life is much longer, so it is very rare that it is wasted.



I compared the nutritional value of Tofutti with the regular sour cream, for which I took as an example the Beatrice 14%. The table below is a comparison on the same basis of 30 ml per portion.


Again, we do not eat sour cream to be healthy. But it is still interesting to make the comparison to see which is less worse, the one with or without dairy products.

The values hat stand out most from the comparison are calories and cholesterol. Indeed, Tofutti is more caloric than Beatrice. On the other hand, the cholesterol level of regular sour cream is really the most worrying. There is no cholesterol in vegan foods since cholesterol comes from animal products. Cholesterol is dangerous because it is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in Western countries.



I definitely recommend buying Tofutti's Better than sour cream. It tastes the same thing, less cholesterol. I did not compare with other brands in this article, because it's the only one we know and it's so good, we do not want to change!


Did you try Tofutti or an another vegan sour cream? Let me know in the comments below!


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