Vegan Ice Cream

It's summer! And it's not because you're vegan that you can't have ice cream! For you, I tried 4 different brands of vegan ice cream.

Why not eat regular ice cream?

There are several reasons such as lactose intolerance for some or ethical reasons for others. Indeed, cows are artificially inseminated so that they continue to produce milk that should have served to feed their calves. Instead, the calves are taken away from their mother and bottle-fed so that their mother's milk is used to make ice cream. We could also talk about the conditions of detention of animals, antibiotics that are given to them and that are later found in your ice cream or ecological reasons (yes, cows pollute much more than we think! ).

What are vegan ice creams made of?

They can be made with soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk or cashew nuts.


Let the vegan ice cream thaw 5-10 minutes before consumption, otherwise it will be too hard to serve.


Nada Moo! - The rockiest road

Frozen chocolate dessert with almonds, cookie chunks and marshmallows

Made with coconut milk

Not found in Canada yet :(

Made in the United States

Very smooth and creamy taste

Very chocolatey taste

* I also tasted the chocolate one from Nada Moo (Gotta Do Chocolate) and same opinion! Very creamy and unctuous, I loved it!


Ben & Jerry's - Fudge Brownie Non-Dairy

Frozen chocolate dessert with pieces of brownies

Made with almond milk

Not found in Canada yet :(

Made in the United States

Very sweet, fudgy, less creamy than Nada Moo

Very chocolatey taste


SO Delicious - Salted Caramel Bites

Frozen salted caramel dessert with chocolate and cashew nuts

Cashew base

Made in the United States

Tastes really good (my favorite of all the SO Delicious flavors)


Lacrem - Vanilla

Frozen vanilla dessert

Made with soy milk

Made in Quebec (local)

Restricted choice of flavors (doesn't exist in chocolate)

Texture that looks more like sorbet

Tastes the real vanilla


We don't buy ice cream to be healthy.. but which one is less worse?

The formats of the different companies vary, so I brought back the nutritional values of each ice cream on the same basis, 200 ml. For the most septic, I also compared with a regular ice cream, the chocolate Coaticook.

comparaison-creme glacee-eng.PNG

Overall, we can see that So Delicious is the worst ice cream in terms of nutritional value. However, the high sodium content is normal due to the salted caramel flavor.

From my point of view, Nada Moo is the least worst ice cream.





I am a fan of chocolate, so my favorite is unfortunately the Nada Moo. I say unfortunately because I didn't find it yet in Quebec. I will have to make the request at my grocery store, cross your fingers! The taste is so chocolatey, smooth and the chunks of almond, marshmallow and chocolate, it's just wow!

Otherwise, for the non-chocolate lovers, I definitely recommend Lacrem. It's the first vegan ice cream in Quebec and contains very little saturated fat. Also, it tastes like quality ingredients.

Let me know what is your favorite vegan ice cream :)