You're newly vegan and go camping. There's an obstacle : what to eat while camping? Here are some ideas for campers!



These dishes can all be done with the minimum equipment : a saucepan, a frypan, a hot plate, ustensils and a fire.


BLT: bacon (Yves veggie bacon, Tofurky tempeh bacon ...) + lettuce + tomato + veganaise (Hellman's, Earth Island ...)

Cereals: with vegetable milk (almonds, soya ...) and fruits

Toasts: with peanut butter or almond butter

Granola bowl: with vegan yogurt and fruits

Sandwich with Field Roast sausages

Sandwich with Field Roast sausages

Burger with Beyond Meat patty

Burger with Beyond Meat patty

Main meal

Sausages: Vegan sausages (Gusta, Field Roast, Yves ...) and vegetables

Burger: with a patty from Beyond Burger, Yves, Aliments RacineSweet earth ...

Burger pulled pork: with an prepackaged jackfruit mix (the jackfruit company, Upton's Naturals ...) ready to be reheated

Hot dog: with Yves veggie dogs

Sandwich: with cold meatless (Yves, Tofurky) or vegan sausage (Gusta, Field Roast, Yves ...)

Legume salad: Bean, apple and cranberry salad, pasta & bean salad, or simply canned legumes mixed with vegetables and vinaigrette

Pasta: pasta (whole wheat) + sauce (pasta sauce with a can of lentils) + vegetables (that you can cook in the frypan or in aluminium foil)

Mac&cheeze: Daiya, Annie's Homegrown ...

Grilled cheeze: with cheeze (Daiya, Gusta, Zengarry, Nuts for cheese ...)

Pulled pork burger made with The Jackfruit Company BBQ Jackfruit

Pulled pork burger made with The Jackfruit Company BBQ Jackfruit




Chips: not those with cheese like doritos or sunchips that are not vegan

S'mores: vegan marshmallows (not made with animal gelatine, like Dandies ...) + vegan Graham crackers (S'moreables ...) + dark chocolate


Ideas never end! Eating vegan while camping is not restrictive. On the contrary, it allows creativity!


And you, what do you eat while camping?