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Today, I introduce you to Veganized World. I’ve followed their Instagram account for over a year now and I finally decided to buy some of their t-shirts.

I really love all the different logos that they offer. Filling up my shopping cart wasn’t easy, but I’m very satisfied with my final order! My boyfriend loves them too, he even plans to buy some for himself, since the t-shirts are unisex.

The Be Kind Shirt

The Be Kind Shirt

The vegan slogans are very subtle. Whenever I wear the “Lentil's” tee, people don’t even realize the difference and think it's a Levis. Same thing for the Tofu Worshipper, they get confused with Tommy Hilfiger. I love the fact that these are not slogans that attack, but rather ones that have a playful twist and still get a message across.

One of the things I love most about the company is that the t-shirts are ethically made and environmentally friendly. The ink is vegan and biodegradable and the shirts are fair trade and made in sweatshop-free factories. I congratulate them for making the effort! All companies should follow their example.

The Tofu Worshipper Shirt

The Tofu Worshipper Shirt


Subtle vegan slogans

100% cotton

Retro look


Ethical and ecological shirts

Customer Service (aka Audrey who is so nice and responds quickly!)



Price: 35USD + shipping (but there are often promotions like free shipping or % off)

Shipping delays: it varies a lot. One of my orders took about a month reception, whilst another took two weeks.


The Lentil's Shirt

The Lentil's Shirt


At first, I found the shirts expensive, but after wearing them I would say that they’re appropriately priced for their quality. As I mentioned earlier, they’re ethical, ecological, and made with 100% cotton! I wear them every chance I get. I challenge you to find t-shirts with vegan slogans as awesome as these!

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